How much does it cost?  Our Irish VoIP virtual phone numbers are €5 per month. U.K. numbers are €10.

Do you provide numbers for any other countries? Yes, we do. Requirements can vary though, so please give us a call on 019081999.

What is the contract length? There are no long-term contracts. Our services are provided on a rolling monthly basis.

What are the call charges? We have a variety of call packages aimed at keeping your call costs as low as possible. These include landline, mobile and international call plans. For a full list of call charges, please call us on 019081999.

How do I make and receive calls? Our services are very flexible, so there is a variety of ways, these include a handset, softphone, cloud phone, app or you can simply forward all your calls to your mobile.

How long does it take to set up? Set up is quick and easy to do. Your numbers can be configured for use immediately.

What is VoIP? ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ which is just techy speak, which simply means a phone call made over the Internet instead of a traditional copper phone line.

What is a ‘virtual number’? It is just a telephone number. There is no difference. Because it is not connected to a traditional phone line some people call them ‘virtual’. You could view them as the modern equivalent of a traditional landline, which this technology is making obsolete.

What is the line rental fee? There is no ‘line rental’ to pay because there are no lines to rent.  The lower cost is one of the many benefits of VoIP.

Can I keep my existing number? Yes, you can. Just transfer it to us. The process is quick and we ensure there is no break in your telephone service. Click here to ‘port’ your current telephone number to Goldfish.